Program Review

COLP Program Review Criteria

What programs should be presented to the Council for review? 

  1. Degree programs through which a student can earn the entire degree at a distance. These are of greatest concern and have accreditation implications for the university’s agreement with the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association.
  2. Any degree program through which a student can earn 25% or more of the degree through distance/online courses.
  3. Any academic certificate that is not part of an existing pre-approved distance/online degree program where a student can earn 25% or more of the certificate through distance/online courses.

COLP Forms

 COLP Proposal Addendum Form

Download the Distance Learning Council Addendum and review the DLC Program Review rubric. For new programs, turn in the completed addendum to the chair of the DLC per the review procedures on this page. The rubric should be submitted to the DLC after your first full year of operation.

COLP Program Review Rubric

This rubric is a companion to the proposal form. The purpose is twofold:

  • to provide new applicants with a set of guidelines regarding expectations for the program
  • to have a quicker, easier way to assess the program for those who are in the COLP follow-up review stage


Review Procedures

If your program meets the criteria for the COLP review, send the COLP proposal addendum form and a completed Major or Degree Proposal form to the Chair of the Council for review. (see below for information about where to find the forms)

Step 1

Complete the Degree or Major Proposal Form, 5-Year Proforma Financial Analysis, and the Distance Learning Council Addendum.

Step 2

After passing the unit level review, send the completed forms to the Chair of the Council for review (allow 2 weeks)

Step 3

Schedule a time to present the proposal to the COLP Council.

Step 4

After passing the COLP review, follow the procedures on the Procedures for Curricular Change portfolio and follow the guidelines for obtaining university-wide approval.