Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

Given the increased utilization of online course delivery and engagement, higher education is at a pivotal crossroad. We must find ways to effectively utilize technology, while maintaining the quality of the educational experience and desired outcomes.  In addition, when offering or requiring online assignments and other assessments, there is the concern whether we truly know the identity of the student completing the assessment.  To minimize the occurrence of student cheating, we must be familiar with relevant research, know how to organize our courses, carefully develop our assessments in a foolproof manner, and implement some of the following technological tools.

Turn it in

Reduces plagiarism by instantly checking student work for potential plagiarism using pattern recognition algorithms.  An Originality Report is generated in a matter of seconds.  This tool is accessible through the SUS MOODLE LMS platform, and it has a convenient feature for grading the submitted papers.  Learn more.

Respondus Lockdown Browser

This is a custom browser that “locks down” the testing environment within a learning management system.  Used at over 1,000 higher education and K-12 institutions, LockDown Browser is the top choice of educators for securing online examinations in classrooms or proctored environments.  The SUS MOODLE installation is equipped with this tool.  Learn more.