Quality Matters

Quality Matters (QM)

In online learning, everyone has a goal.  Learners seek to improve and grow; educators hope to nurture them with well-conceived, well-designed, and well-presented courses and programs.  Our goal — as a non-profit, quality-assurance organization — is to provide a system to help you deliver on that promise: with review, improvement, and certification of quality.

The Quality Matters™ program is a faculty-centered, peer-review process designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components.  The primary components of QM include a set of standards (rubrics) for the design of online courses, a peer-review process for applying the standards to provide feedback for faculty in the continuous improvement of their online and hybrid courses, and professional development opportunities for faculty.  The QM process certifies the design of courses as meeting shared standards of best practice.  See more regarding the QM Rubric.

SU has a system-wide agreement with Quality Matters™ through the Louisiana Board of Regents.

Course Review and Quality Assurance

Students Feedback on QM Standards

Course Design Rubric Standards

Course Review

QM Professional Developments

QM SELF- Review Tool

Use QM Review Tools — Want to see if you are meeting learner expectations?  Start by using the Self-Review tool found in the Course Review Management System in MyQM. There you will also find the Reference Library with Course Review Resources and a video tutorial for the Self-Review tool.  Here is a video tutorial that explains the process and gives more insights.

QM and SACS Accreditation

Regional accreditation is a quality assurance process in which most degree-granting institutions participate regularly.  The accreditation process is an in-depth one, involving considerable documentation from the institution undergoing accreditation.  Whether an institution’s upcoming accreditation occurs in the next year or the next several years, it is something for which many in the institution are actively preparing.  QM Program Certification via QM Program Review streamlines the accreditation process by providing a framework for the collection and analysis of evidence regarding an institution’s online programs – this evidence can be utilized to support accreditation.

Streamlining Accreditation Preparation with Program Review

QM Benefits for SACS Accreditation

QM Research

A founding principle that continues to drive Quality Matters is the need for QM Standards to reflect current academic research on effective learning.  The initial standards and subsequent modifications have been based on the insights of teams of experienced online instructors and instructional designers, and on best practice standards promulgated by accrediting bodies and national and international organizations.

QM Research is focused on curating and supporting research studies related to the impact and use of the Quality Matters model.  Literature reviews to inform members of the Rubric Committees in their effort to assure that the Rubrics remain current with research are also an important component of QM Research activities.  If you are looking for guidance regarding conducting QM-focused research or finding studies to support the use of QM, we recommend starting with this resource page.

QM Youtube Playlist

We encourage you to visit this youtube playlist focusing on QM and Quality Assurance.