Course Certification

COLP Course Certification Process

A QA-Certified course provides assurance that the online course has been developed and delivered with all components necessary to enable students to be successful in meeting their educational goals. COLP will assist Academic Affairs in developing an internal procedure for certifying courses before they can be used in hybrid or online courses and programs.

The COLP  will work with the SU campuses curriculum committees and the Faculty Senates to develop a process for “Formal Course Review” of online courses across the system. Utilizing a team approach, three certified faculty reviewers analyze each course from the student perspective and apply the instrument to the course, providing feedback for course improvement. The goal is for each reviewed course to obtain at least 85% of the points possible while meeting all core standards of QM. Once the course meets these criteria, the instructor receives a certification letter attesting of the quality of the course for use in delivering instruction online.