Prof. Moustapha Diack

SUS Associate Vice President for Online Learning Services & Co-Founding Chairs – HBCUs Affordable Learning Solutions Summit

As the Southern University System (SUS) strives to fulfill its mission including the provision of  a student-focused teaching and learning environment that creates global leadership opportunity for a diverse student population, its Office of Online Learning Services accompanies the  various campuses in implementing eLearning Innovations to design and deliver 21st Century online programs.

OOLS partners with SUS campuses’ eLearning Directors and faculty from the various campuses to develop online learning experiences that extend the impact and reach of the System campuses. The mission of OOLS in offering exemplary online learning experience is to foster, support, and promote excellence in teaching and learning in all online environments by:

  • Implementing eLearning Innovations leading to online degree programs that are are marketable.;
  • Promoting student engagement;
  • Encouraging innovative teaching and learning practices that meet the needs of a diverse student population;
  • Creating an academically rigorous and relevant learning environment adequate for adult learners;
  • Facilitating campuses’ and college-wide commitment that supports access, student development, student success, and academic goal completion;
  • Integrate innovative learning technologies to accommodate students with learning different learning needs;
  • Increasing college access and success through zero-textbook-cost degrees.

Promoting Research-based eLearning Innovations!

Online education is a significant opportunity for the Southern System campuses to increase enrollment, reach nontraditional students, and generate revenue without substantial physical costs. Students have choices when considering fully online and blended courses and programs. In the highly competitive environment of online learning, it is critical that the campuses and colleges develop a clear strategy to differentiate and innovate our online course offerings from those of competitors.

The OOLS mission is to provide both access to innovative e-learning technologies as well as the resources, support, and planning necessary for strategic implementation of online learning and online programs.  This, in turn, helps our System and campuses achieve their mission of providing access to high quality, affordable higher education to a diverse student body both in Louisiana and across the globe.

OOLS has established strategic partnerships with 21st Century eLearning companies, and global open education resource (OER) repositories, testing the use of free, open source instructional in courses to reduce student textbook costs and address college affordability. Our partnership with key eLearning companies is leveraged to develop and deploy adaptive and individualized learning environments that promote student success. We all have experienced the difference between working with a great personal tutor and sitting through a mass lecture. Adaptive technologies personalize learning, so that online learning is more like working with a personal tutor and less like sitting through a mass lecture.